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“Yes We Can. Safe and Legal.” This is Hummingbird’s in-house motto. Most things can be done it is just the matter of how. Whatever the assignment we will use our expertise, vitality and vision to make those important drone shots happen legally, safely and reliably. From the initial inquiry to the completion of the shoot we will focus on fulfilling the brief completely, offering help and advice to get the very best results.


Hummingbird’s mission is to be the best there is when it comes to operating camera equipped drones, providing the finest quality footage whatever the circumstances. Our dedicated, committed, skilled and enthusiastic team seek the safest, most creative and effective way to bring your vision to life. We want give you the aerial shots that gives your production that extra edge.


Making the use of the latest in camera and drone technology, Hummingbird Imaging provides high-resolution images with creative framing and fluid shot movement.


Hummingbird Imaging is committed to operating in a safe manner. The safety of the general public, participants and crew is uppermost at the planning stage and during all assignments.


Having all our UAV and camera equipment maintained to the highest standard, with pilots and cameramen that are fully dedicated to the job means you can depend on Hummingbird.

CAA Approved Day and Night

CAA ID Number 793 Hummingbird Imaging Ltd can legally work commercially providing aerial photography and video both during daylight hours and at night.


Hummingbird’s focus is to do what is best for the client with no compromise in standards, quality or values from initial contact through flying the sortie to delivering the final images.

One or two man operation

Depending upon the assignment Hummingbird can operate with one man acting as remote pilot and cameraman or with two, a remote pilot and a cameraman.


Whether it is a breaking news story or a planned feature Hummingbird can give that unique perspective. Having been deployed to cover breaking news in the UK and to remote locations in Brazil, and Afghanistan we have the experience of not only getting the images that tell the story but also getting the pictures on air in time to meet the bulletin deadlines.

Hummingbird drones have been assigned to stories by ITV News and Good Morning Britain’s news desk with other footage featuring on the BBC and STV. Hummingbird can tailor the drone to the production. On a breaking story one of our single man operated UAVs can be rapidly scrambled to the location and quickly start gathering those important shots. On a feature that needs more refined thought and planning a two man drone aircraft can be used to achieve crafted, quality images.


Whether it’s a new multimillion-pound distillery or a big motor race that needs promoted Hummingbird can provide that special angle and shot development to give your production that WOW! factor. When it comes to grabbing the attention of a news desk with stunning aerial shots on a VNR, giving an in-house video high production values or making breath-taking advertising, the versatility of a drone really comes into its own.

The aerial perspective previously the domain of budget sapping helicopters can now be more economically achieved using one of Hummingbird’s UAVs. Many shots that required large cranes with long set up times can now be done more quickly and flexibly on a drone.

‘Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.’

 Martin Scorsese








Remote Pilot, Cameraman and CAA Accountable Manager

An RTS Award Winning Cameraman with over 30 years experience in broadcast TV. From shooting bands like U2 live, to the front line in the battle against ISIS in Iraq via accompanying Prince William and Princess Catherine on major international tours his TV pedigree is hard to match. He has filmed hanging out the side of a multitude of helicopters whilst whizzing over challenging locations like Afghanistan, the volcanic islands of New Zealand and Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain not to mention the snowy Scottish mountains in winter. A fixed wing pilot since 1986 he has piloted a variety of aircraft including taking the controls of an RAF Hawk fast jet over the Mediterranean Sea and flying in formation with a world aerobatic champion. From his experience he understands the shots that are needed to tell the story, set the scene or convey the mood. More importantly with his skill and knowledge he knows what it takes to get those important shots.

07775 444453


Remote Pilot and Cameraman

After University and three years travelling Cameron has gained a world of experience. He has spent time with STV and BT Sport at the sharp end getting a flavour of what it takes to make TV. With this and his keen interest in photography combined with a desire to get things right he has what is needed when it comes to getting the job done. Doing a variety of jobs unrelated to TV or photography during some of his time away from the UK he has learnt the skills that allow him to operate in a client-based environment and understand the pressure of coming up with the goods to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Cameron’s time away from work is filled with a variety of mainly music orientated activities. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of certain genres of music to rival those who are at the centre of it.

07975 721843


Remote Pilot and Cameraman

Murray’s interest and expertise in old school photography using film cameras, chemicals and manipulating the physical, not digital image have given him an understanding of photographic techniques and what constitutes a shot that tells the story. His photographs have appeared in exhibitions dedicated to the world of analogue photography. Having spent some time at STV he has experienced the adrenaline filled atmosphere of putting together live TV programmes and working to a deadline. A skilled editor he understands the need for shots not just to be beautiful, but be able to be edited into a sequence that tells the story effectively.

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