New Angles and Moves from Afghanistan to Glasgow

Pieces to camera, music, interview cutaways and giving context are no problem for the versatile drone.

In these segments it shows how a drone can be used during an interview to give added quality to the walking two shot with a smooth track and crane up. The shot of the Afghan National Officers Academy’s male accommodation would not have been nearly as spectacular from ground level. The track in and crane up and over to the women’s accommodation is where the UAV really came into its own. There is no other way that shot could have been done so quickly or smoothly. The walking sync two shot interview was shot hand held and not on a drone.

During the coverage of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil Good Morning Britain did a bit of a spoof on the Three Lions song. Lip -syncing to playback presenter Sean Fletcher had the opening lines of the song.

On the day that the CAA launched its Dronecode Hummingbird helped STV by featuring in their coverage of the story. Here we see Gordon Cree’s piece to camera the start of which was shot with the camera on a tripod then the cut to the drone is in perfect sync as the camera flies up and over.

The last shot puts Helen in context and gives a bit of a behind the scenes view into the live location at STV Glasgow as a live broadcast is done.

Requiem........for the crane?